Rebecca Porter

Rebecca Porter <>

20 Apr 2014



David Clarke

Whom it May Concern;

Borstal Boy Punk Opera

My producer will be contacting you with a working libretto for consideration. It's called ''Borstal Boy'; and is a mature piece of work at an advanced stage of editing/rewriting. It would fit well within the ethos of the Pimlico Opera Company, as it concerns redemption within a prison setting.

This project is ready to be revised for staging, with a view to touring prisons, and is a original piece inspired by the early life of my producer. It's the story of a bad lad made good.

My involvement with the project has been limited to writing the libretto; which David Clarke owns, as it is his life story. I am hopeful that this project will be staged, as it is a brilliant tale.

yours sincerely,

Rebecca Porter