His Borstal graduation gave Michael greater fame
but soon they  were to realize certain mischief was his game.

Two brothers now together one seemed in great control
young Dave was pleased to follow enjoying  his  new role

Transport was what they needed two wheels were not enough
so swapped their lambretta for three wheel they thought was best

In persuite of mischief  to Bedford they did head
The Who at the corn exchange some distance it was said

On route to destination a lift they had to get
 Ampthill stuck they thumbed a life to take them where they went

Two seater coupe Jag that day pulled up at Dave's request
Was taken by a great surprise he later did confess
It was Pete Townshend of The Who the band they were off to see
Was a great  ride  to that great gig two seater carrying three.

Bank holiday to the coast they go, fellow MOD's,  and sun  they know
From Patrick Bones they take the gun a 22 Webbly just for fun
a wounded woman with the gun they were sentenced for their fun

Maidstone Prison was Michael  sent and young Dave to Dover Borstal
A Borstal graduated did Dave become and Michael now a Con.

Prison was what he hated so he devised a plan
new learning inside Maidstone along with a fellow man
a new occupation he'd engage in whilst he was  on the run
an abscond from the prison with hopes to smuggle contraband
Now two Borstal graduates were out to have their fun
but no trip to Cyprus  their plans had come undue.

A change of name with new ID did Michael now assume
and lived a rather pleasant life a girl friend and a job
One year did he escape the Law but he was then found out
and taken back to prison to serve his time right out