A true story, put to music, and performed as a punk rock opera, designed to be performed in prisons.

When David got news of his bother Michael's arrest in the Philippines and his 16 year prison sentence he decided to publish their story in his book Converted on LSD Trip. With a view to help and warn others of the dangers of drugs and crime.

Dave Clarke followed his elder brother into life of crime but found redemption through an unusual means. He has now turned his story into a punk opera and has agreed to perform it in HMP Aylesbury Prison to 200 inmates.

When first published David asked the principal of Fareham College, were he taught as a lecturer, to write a foreword to his book but he refused saying, "I will have nothing to do with a book either privately, or publicly that overly refers to drug taking". Now since this book has been judged by its cover, on a number of occasions by those who should know better, he has written a special edition called Borstal Boys and now in order to reach a wider audience has written the story as a punk opera, scheduled for prisons in the UK. The story is now told as a punk opera for the benefit of those who don't like reading but love music.